There are ramps for accessing the Church and the Rear Halls.  There are disabled toilet facilities near the entrance to the Church and also in the Rear Hall.  There is provision for changing babies in the main disabled toilet.

For people who are more comfortable in their wheelchairs, there is no problem in Church or in the Halls.  Chairs with arms are available for those who prefer them in the Halls, while most people find they can manage in the Church where there are pews.  A wheelchair and walking aids are available if needed.

Children are welcome to sit anywhere in Church during services, and there are activity sheets at the front, and children’s books in the pews.  It is okay if your children are not used to sitting quietly in Church.  If parents prefer, it is possible to let small children play in the separate area at the back of church where there is a box of toys. High chairs are available in the Halls for children when needed.


Large print hymn sheets are provided for those who find them helpful.  There is a loop system in the church for those who need it.