About us

Theydon Bois Baptist Church welcomes all who want to learn about Christ Jesus, and share in worshipping God.


Our Communion Services are open for all who love the Lord Jesus to receive the elements. If, for some reason, you do not wish to receive the elements, the bread and the wine, then no problem, simply let them pass you by when they are offered to you.

Our History

Theydon Bois Baptist Church began as a mission on its present location in the early 1880’s.


The very first services consisted of open air meetings on the village green. The church building was a small chapel on the present site and it became a formal Baptist Church in January 1894.

The first ministers at the church were lay preachers and student pastors from Spurgeons College,the first link in a connection that has remained strong through to the present day. The student pastor in January 1894 was Dr Frank Boreham who went on to become a prominent preacher, writer and broadcaster in New Zealand and Australia. Earlier in the 20th century the church has had either full time pastors or student pastors from Spurgeons College, however from the 1920’s there has been a full time minister in the church.

The original building was extended and lasted until 1962 when the present building was erected. Halls were added to the back of the church in the early 1970’s and the building has continued to service the varied functions of the church well.

If you’re thinking of visiting our church – Welcome!

Our meetings on a Sunday are usually at 10:30am and 6pm, and they typically last about an hour and a quarter. During the services, we sing songs of praise, which are projected on a large screen at the front (song books and large print paper copies are available for those who can’t see the screen). We also pray, read the Bible and listen to a talk about a particular Bible reading.

In the morning, the children share in the beginning of the service with everyone else. Children are encouraged to sit at the front and to participate in the service. Most Sundays children will go through to Junior Church in the Rear Halls part way through the service.

After the morning worship, there is an opportunity to sit down and enjoy a chat over a mug of tea or coffee in the rear halls. Often on the first Sunday of the month, we then have lunch together – there is always enough food for visitors, so expect to be asked if you would like to stay for lunch on those Sundays!

The evening service tends to be quieter and more reflective.

There are often many other things going on during the week, and these will normally be shown in the calendar, under the “What’s On” tab.

Any questions please ask, you can email us by clicking this link.