Recent Highlights

The Stable at Christmas

A hand painted scene of the Stable at Christmas

This stable scene welcomed visitors both to the church over the Christmas period and also to the Village Christmas Market, where it was used as a backdrop for a Christmas photo opportunity.


Strawberry Cream Tea

Although the day started a little damp, the sun soon shone and visitors were able to enjoy the home-made cakes, scones, jam and strawberries and cream on the church lawn.  For those who wished there was the opportunity to make a donation towards the work of The Box, in Epping.

Some of the visitors and church members who enjoyed the strawberry cream tea


2015 LENT Groups

'Holding On'

As part of the 2014 Centenary of the Diocese of Chelmsford the Chelmsford Holding Cross was launched as a reminder to us all of what it means to live distinctively as Christ’s people and a means to explore what it means to follow a rule of life that keeps us close to God and to one another.

Holding crosses have long been used by Christians as a tangible reminder of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ: something for us to hold on to, and a sign that God holds on to us, in his love and his grace. The Chelmsford holding crosses are made from wood representing our links with companion dioceses in Kenya and Sweden, and so also speak to us of our membership of God’s worldwide family. And the wording etched on them keeps our focus on the great commandments that we have been given – to love God, and our neighbour.

Following a rule or pattern of life means consciously choosing to cultivate habits that help us to fulfil those commandments. It is easy to get distracted or side-tracked from living out our Christian calling wholeheartedly. But it is as we hold onto the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study of Scripture, our common life, and service to others that we grow in faith.

Sessions were held in the Baptist Church and in St. Mary’s Parish Centre, and members of the congregations of both St. Mary's and the Baptist Church enjoyed exploring ideas about our Christian journey prompted by the story of the Holding Crosses.



The Community Spirit Gospel Choir gave a Saturday afternoon concert in March.  There was a retiring collection in aid of The Box in Epping.  Future concerts will be shown in the calendar page when they are arranged.  Do ask if you would like more information.

Gospel Concert at Theydon Bois Baptist Church


Last year, for Harvest Festival, Eric's talk was titled "Seed / Bush" and was based on the passage in Matthew 13 about the mustard seed.  In the evening, we were joined by the congregations from St. Mary's and Theydon Garnon who formed a joint choir, which Eric followed with a provoking talk titled "Thank / Think".

Harvest Produce at the front of the Church